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So, clearly I didn’t get my fill of delicious vegan goodies when I reviewed Papa Ganache , because over the weekend I hit up Babycakes NYC.


I totally didn’t even plan to go here that day, but I walked right past it when I was on a stroll with little monster who came into the city for a visit.

Let me tell you, we tore this place up. It didn’t have a chance. Here’s a before picture…..


I won’t horrify you with the after, which I had to delete for my own well being, keeping it would have sparked a diet, and I’m probably the meanest hungry person ever. So we try to avoid that…

Anyway, that hodgepodge of delicious you see in the above pic is brownie bites, chocolate cupcake top, vanilla cupcake top, pumpkin cupcake, red velvet cupcake, apple churro, and a chocolate covered donut.

We started with the red velvet cupcake. It was good but a little bit dry. The icing was really creamy and very dense, the flavor was really good, just a hit of a cream cheeseyness.

Next we did the cupcake tops. I would recommend getting these, they’re much smaller, and moister than the full size cupcake, I guess because theres less cake. The icings were the same base icing that the red velvet used but just flavored appropriately.



The pumpkin cupcake was AWESOME! You can really taste the cinnamon and other spices. Definitely try that one bc it’s only there seasonally!

Next we tried the chocolate chip brownie bites, these were the star of the show. Little monster tried it first and then held it out asking if I wanted to try – when I attempted to take it from her, she held on to it, only letting me break off a tiny morsel. I almost tired to fight for it, but then I remembered the Papa Ganache fork stabbing incident and decided it was best t just let her keep it.

They had a really deep, rich chocolate flavor. We actually went back in and got more. Seriously, that good.

Next, we tired the donut.


This was really tasty too. Like the kind of donut that you want to dip in a big mug of coffee. It was kind of cakey and the chocolate on top was thick and wonderful.

Last but not least we had the Apple churro.I’m allergic to apple but I can eat it when it’s cooked, so I jumped at the chance to have something apple. It was reallllly yummy, sweet apple filing and dipped in sugar. Need I say more?

I will say the staff was not that friendly at all, or maybe they were just annoyed that we drooled all over the floor while selecting our desserts, either way they could be a little more welcoming!

So, go check out Babycakes! It’s on Broome between Ludlow and Orchard. They also have mixes and cookbooks and all sorts of fun stuff on their website.