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I’m a huge fan of Kaya’s Kitchen, so when they revamped their menu, I was beyond thrilled to review it!


I went there Friday afternoon with my mom for a late lunch. We were greeted by one of the waitresses, I don’t know her name but she is so sweet and attentive, I absolutely love when she is my waitress. She gave us menus and water right away. We couldn’t wait to crack into the new menu to see what new treasures this menu offered.

Unfortunately, not many. In fact May items had been deleted. I was pretty surprised to see that many of the prices had increased quite a bit. BUT, they did go entirely organic so a small price increase would be justifiable, obviously.

I was released to see that my absolute fav thing on Kaya’s menu survived – their insanely awesome out-of-this-world creation, the shiitake cake. It’s a shiitake mushroom, corn and bean patty topped with guac, pico, and sriracha. On the old menu you got a plate of 2 for $12. On the new menu it’s now $9, which made me the happiest little vegan on the planet for about 5 seconds until I realized that on the new menu it’s now shiitake CAKE not CAKES. My heart died a little when I realized it would now cost me $18 for what I used to pay $12 for. Not cool.

Another favorite of mine, Kaya’s combo, made the cut, and only went up $1. I’m totally cool with that, inflation, you know. So we started with that.


Oh, yes, it is as amazing as it looks! It’s beer battered tempeh wings, tofu karma wings, vegan chicken nugs, Mississippi ribs -a freakin delicious BBQ sauce- and picnic potato salad. If you eat this, go hungry, it’s enormous.

The buff sauce is spicy, but not so much so that you’ll need a gallon of water and the chicken nugs are so delish. You can dip them on the aforementioned amazing BBQ sauce, an agave mustard or just plain. Either way you can’t go wrong with these puppies.

Next we got “the salad bowl.” It’s the only salad on the menu which is kind of depressing because they used to offer some really stellar salads.


This salad is mixed greens, shredded carrots, beets, cucumbers, zucchini, grape tomatoes, chickpeas, sprouts and hempseeds. You get your choice of dressing and I chose balsamic vin. I kind of forgive Kaya’s for only having one salad because this one is so fresh and tasty. But not really because we need some variety. Oh, but, you can add raw tofu (not a fan) or avocado (yum!) for 2 bucks.

Just for fun, we got their special of the day, the grandfather pizza.


This little guy is a gem and should be on the menu at all times. It’s Italian field roast sausage, onions, peppers, fresh basil and mozz. I was so full from all the other food we gorged ourselves on that I could only have a few bites. But the leftovers heated up amazing and we’re even good cold. Who doesn’t like cold pizza?

They offer a nice selection of desserts, many from the recently reviewed Papa Ganache you can see my review here.

Obviously we were too full to indulge, plus I think I’m still shaking from my sugar high I got from eating 75 of their cupcakes in a row last week. So worth it though.

Go check Kaya’s out, their food never disappoints. They’re open every day but Monday. Sunday is the vegan buffet. You can check out their website here.