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I had been to this place once before and everything was amazing. So when I decided to review it for this blog, I was super excited.

It has a really cool farmhouse-ish type of atmosphere. There are fresh flowers on the tables and old fashioned bottles of water. Absolutely in love with the look and vibe that this place offers.


I went with my veggie cousin for their Sunday Brunch. We decided to get a juice to sip on while we made our selections. My cousin got the Green Goddess which is kale, grapefruit, apple, ginger, celery and cilantro. I ordered the Heartbreaker which is carrot, apple, beet, ginger and kale. However, I have a severe apple allergy which I explained to the waitress and asked for orange as a substitute for the apple. She did not write anything down and seemed really flighty about it. I had to repeat my request a few times. But she said it would be fine and they could accommodate me.

Both juices came out and looked great.


I took a sip of mine and thought I tasted apple. My mouth was getting itchy from the one small sip so I asked the waitress if there was apple in my juice, she confirmed there was not. I was still skeptical and refrained from drinking anymore of it. Thirty seconds later she came flying out of the back and told me there WAS apple. The juicer had made my cousin’s juice with orange instead of apple, not mine. Good thing I didn’t believe the waitress and refused to drink the juice, I would have hated spending the day at the hospital, or dead, from anaphylactic shock. Needless to say, I was not happy. I will say she seemed genuinely sorry and apologized multiple times, but if I had stopped breathing, her sorries wouldn’t have helped. I am extremely tough on restaurants that treat allergies lightly. Both my little sister and cousin grew up with severe allergies and have suffered extreme reactions at the hands of ignorant restaurant staff that claimed certain foods were safe wen they weren’t. Allergies are extremely dangerous and can kill. If a restaurant is unprepared to handle guests with dietary restrictions then that’s fine, but let the guest know that so that the can feel safe while dining out.

Anyway, they sent me out a new juice which was delicious. And we ordered our entrees to share. We got the Grilled Avocado Breakfast Sandwich which is topped with tofu scramble and coconut bacon – its served with roasted potatoes & marinated kale on the side. There are two options for bread available, a sprouted grain bread or gluten free millet and flax bread. We opted for the gluten free bread because my cousin has a gluten allergy. The sandwich was excellent with really beautiful rich flavors and the bread was one of the best gluten free breads I’ve ever had.


The second dish we ordered was the Seed Salad which is marinated kale, mixed greens and red cabbage topped with carrots, beets, raw saurkraut, hempseeds, sprouts, pumpkin seeds and drizzled with creamy tahini dressing. This salad is HUGE. We shared it and did not even come close to finishing it. Everything in it was fresh and delicious. The kale greens had some sort of amazing nutritional yeast marinade on them. So good!


Overall, the food was awesome. I love the atmosphere and I would recommend trying this place out. Just be very cautious if you have an allergy. I should add that both mine and my cousins juices were taken off the bill. So that was nice of them.

This place is mainly just breakfast and lunch but they serve dinner on Tuesday and Thursday nights. According to their website, Thursday is by rez only which you can make by calling 732-774-7333.