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This week I’m gonna tell you guys about a new little gem of a restaurant that just opened in Asbury Park. Its a Vegan spot with… Can I get a drum roll please…. A liquor license! Any veggies from the Jersey Shore know that unless you want to travel, finding a Veg spot with a liquor license is rare. So right off the bat, they get a thumbs up for that. They also use organic and locally grown food when available, which I absolutely love. Gotta support the local small businesses, right? And what’s better than organic?

Anyway, I made a rez for me and my two friends on a Friday night. We arrived on time and were greeted by a friendly hostess and seated immediately. Which was awesome cuz standing around in my 6 in heels waiting for my rez always sucks.

The atmosphere is sort of retro chic with mostly gold tones. Guess that’s where they got the name? We ordered a bottle of the Cline Pinot Noir to share. It was delicious, fruity and smooth, just how I like my reds.

The a la carte menu is small but that’s ok because everything sounded spectacular. If you’re as indecisive as I am, you’ll appreciate the small menu. The server was awesome at helping us make selections, she was attentive, knowledgable and friendly as well. Needless to say, the service was great.

They started us off with a nice amuse bouche of fig and herbs. Delish.


We decided that sharing was the way to go and ordered their root vegetable fries. They come with homemade ketchup and cashew aioli. Since we inhaled them, there is no photo. But get them.

Next we got the Swiss Chard Salad with frisée, asparagus, almond milk vinaigrette, herbs and grilled garlic-rubbed croutons. The flavor was excellent and you can really taste the flavor that locally grown organic brings, its so fresh and delicious. The only negative was that the croutons were a little soggy when the salad got to the table. I suggest ordering them on the side.


For our main course we chose the pan-fried baked potato gnocchi with cherry tomato, garlic, lobster mushroom, arugula and cherry smoke and the chickpea socca with salt-roasted beets, shiitake mushrooms, fennel seed, lemon-cashew cream and mache. Both were delicious and the quality of the food really came out in the complex layers of flavor. With the chickpea socca, I would have loved just a bit more of the lemon cashew cream, it was so good! I’m a sauce junky though, so for a normal person it was probably just enough. Below is a photo of the chickpea socca.


We finished the meal with the ganache-soaked, yes you read that right – ganache soaked- chocolate cake with sea salt caramel and anise-infused coconut cream. A little bit more ganache would have made this out of this world, but like I said, I’m a sauce junky. Overall this decadent dessert was a perfect way to end the meal. And, no, I didn’t get a pic of this either. I was too busy playing fork swords with my dining companions for the last bite.

If you want to check out this spot here’s the website: http://www.goodgoldies.com/ You have to call and leave a message to make a rez, unless you call during their operating hours which are 4 pm – 12 am.